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Cheri Sheridan

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Sheridan chose a LEAF for her logo, as it represents her life view from working with children and families for over thirty years:

L for Love:
What children need to thrive

E for Engagement:
What children need for feedback

A for Assurance:
What children need to feel safe

F for Focus:
What children need to find their future


Experience & Education

Cheri Sheridan is a nationally-recognized expert in corporate child care and work/family issues. She began her career in early childhood education over 30 years ago and created 19 corporate child care centers nationally.

Cheri holds a B.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Practical experience as a child care aide, teacher and administrator, plus positions as a high school and community college instructor complement her years as a professional consultant. Cheri has a realistic, comprehensive understanding of educational issues.

Cheri is a natural entrepreneur. In 1984, Cheri founded PAL Corporate Child Care to serve the needs of working parents and their employers. Five years later, she sold the company to People Karch, International, a corporate human resources company, and served as a Division President. In June, 1993, she left the successful operation to pursue her personal goals as a corporate consultant and early childhood educator.


Cheri is an accomplished speaker, writer and professional. She has convinced decision-makers from The White House to real estate developers to Fortune 500 companies that work/family issues are business issues. Likewise, she has helped countless teachers and parents better understand and respond to the needs of their children.

She has been featured on local and national broadcasts including Good Morning America, Nation’s Business Today, and Working Woman. Her efforts have won Congressional recognition. Cheri’s qualifications, spirit and experience complement her commitment to families, businesses and schools.

Cheri Sheridan lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her family. She has three step-sons, a son and daughter, five dogs and a very patient husband.

Brain Tender

Cheri pursues a life-long fascination with the brain and began studying with Dr. Becky Bailey, Ph.D., noted researcher and educator, in 1997. Cheri is a certified instructor of Dr. Bailey's approach to discipline that is based on the guiding principle that the brain functions optimally when it feels safe and connected. She expanded this base of knowledge to include "difficult" children who do not thrive in traditional education settings.

These children, often bright and with above-average intelligence, wither under teachers and parents who don't understand that their behavior is often neurobiological rather than discipline-oriented. Cheri is a resource to teachers and parents seeking to understand the dynamics of children with learning disabilities, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and related conditions.

As Cheri's children grew, so did her interest in the teenage brain. She is eager to share her wealth of knowledge with school administrators, parents and teachers about how the brain changes from the years of four through fourteen. It is a continuum, not isolated ages in a child development text.

Ironically, Cheri got to see her own brain in action in 2007. After a mild stroke during a routine surgery, Cheri was diagnosed with aneurysms and had to undergo brain surgery. During an angiogram, Cheri got to see the vascular structure of her brain in action. She startled the radiologist by asking questions, expressing interest and, in an odd way, enjoying the inside view of her cranial universe. Cheri suffered a major hit to her pre-frontal cortex during the surgery and, while lucky to be alive and healthy, recognized a change in her ability to focus, pay attention, track time and organize. She laughingly says she got ADHD at the age of 51! She can convey, first hand, how the garden of the mind grows… and that ADHD is not just a term for a child who "needs a little discipline!"