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Soon to Come

Cheri is collaborating with Kenny Woods, her colleague and a renowned music teacher and performer, on a music CD.Watch Me Soar: Songs for Classroom Success,is dedicated to all those children who never quite remember their listening ears, helping hands and walking feet.

The saying goes that it is much easier to change the environment than it is to change a child. This music is a first step to changing a classroom to help children be successful.

The CD includes:

Songs to Direct: helping children move successfully through the day, keeping them safe by reminding them, musically, what to do

Songs to Connect: simple songs that can be adopted in a classroom to give children a sense of identity and belonging

Songs to Affect: these songs soothe children who are hurting with quiet messagess of peace, power and purpose, and help them to feel strong.

Cheri is publishing a text to accompany the CD.

Cheri is also working on a series of parenting books that address specific issues of child-rearing: bedtime, potty-training, step-family transitions, travel and holidays with children, fussy eaters, and other issues as requested! These books cater to busy, working parents— for all parents are working parents!